Stretch marks

Stretch marks are caused by the tissue under the skin growing quickly or from over-stretching which then causes the tissue to tear. Most people find stretch marks unsightly but they don’t cause any health risks and are really common. Stretch marks are usually caused by pregnancy and growth spurts which usually happen during adolescents.

However some medical conditions and medication can also cause stretch marks to appear more prominent or make the skin more susceptible to getting stretch marks. Stretch marks are usually found on abdomen or breast area due to pregnancy. They are also usually found on the thigh, buttock and breast area due to growth spurts during adolescents.

When a stretch mark is first developing the skin becomes flat, thin and pink in colour. The skin may also become itchy. As well as this purple and red lines develop which will then become white or flesh coloured as they lighten. To treat stretch marks a Fractional Laser Treatment would improve the appearance but it may not remove them completely. If the stretch marks happen during adolescents then it is likely that they will require no treatment as they become less visible over time. However if they are still a problem Fractional Laser Treatment would be effective in improving the appearance of them.