Skin Rejuvenation

When the skin ages it causes the skin to lose elasticity in the tissues of the skin and it can also cause a change in the texture of the skin. As well as this blemishes will appear on the surface of the skin. Skin ageing is a natural process which happens over the years. However various factors can cause the skin to age quicker. These factors include; smoking, poor nutrition, poor skin care and excessive exposure to the sun. Sun damage is caused by excessive exposure to the sun without using the correct SPF. It could cause premature ageing of the skin such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation marks, dryness and roughness. Sun damage can be treated with the Fractional Laser.

Skin wrinkles go through four different stages

Stage one

Fine, superficial wrinkles which are caused due to facial expression.

Stage Two

Installed wrinkles.

Stage Three

Deep wrinkles and skin slacking.

Stage Four

Advanced signs of ageing and loss of tone.

Wrinkles and elasticity can be improved with Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing. If the skin has advanced signs of ageing then we would recommend that you combine this treatment with cosmetic injections to get the optimum results.