Acne Scars Treatment

Acne Scars Treatment with Fractional Laser

A usual skin condition that can occur in teenagers is acne. In some cases acne can leave scars and it is difficult to tell which sufferers of acne will scar. Once acne has healed it may leave a hyper-pigmented or red mark on the patient’s skin. The red mark that appears on the skin after the acne has healed is not a scar and is usually only present while the skin is going through the healing process. This is known as a post-inflammatory change and usually takes about six- twelve months for the skin to return to its normal condition.

However if more acne develops in this area it is possible that the skin may not return to normal. If there is any change in the colour of the skin or a defect in the skin after a year of the acne healing it is a now a permanent scar.

There are various types of scars that can occur with acne. The most common acne scarring is ‘ice pick scars’ these are deep pits in the skin that happen after an acne lesion. There are also angular scars which are also known as boxcar scars. This type of scar may be deep in the skin or superficial and are most commonly found on the temple and cheeks. Then there are scars which give the skin a wavy appearance and these are known as ‘rolling scars’.

Rolling Acne Scars

This type of scarring may cause very noticeable waves in the skin or it may be less noticeable. In different types of lighting these scars are usually more prominent. To treat this type of acne it would be effective to have an injection of soft tissue fillers which will temporarily improve the appearance of rolling scars. The Fractional Laser Resurfacing which is a non-invasive treatment will also be effective in improving the appearance of rolling acne scars. Fractional Laser Resurfacing is able to significantly improve the appearance of scars due to the advancement in laser technology. There is no need for needles or other invasive procedures and the after-care is minimal. Extremely good results can be seen after a treatment however complete scar removal is not likely.

Boxcar Acne Scars

This type of scarring usually appears on the temples and cheeks but can appear all over the face. These scars are normally small in size and indented into the skin. To treat boxcar scars Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing will be effective on shallow scars but deeper boxcar scars will require surgical removal.

Ice Pick Acne Scars

This type of scarring causes deep pits in the skin and is quite hard to treat. Patients will normally need a surgical treatment but the Fractional Laser Resurfacing will still improve their skin. The treatment stimulates new healthy tissue which makes the skin soft and smooth.